Hole 18

HOLE 18 HOLE 18 INFORMATION This is a perfect finishing hole playing towards a beautifully designed Thai style clubhouse with a magnificent mountain backdrop. The fairway is rolling forward with a parallel long fairway bunker on the right-hand side. Your … Read More

Hole 17

HOLE 17 HOLE 17 INFORMATION This hole is claimed to have the largest green in the region. It’s a long Par 3 where the ball spends most of its time up in the wind. The hole is slightly upwards and … Read More

Hole 16

HOLE 16 HOLE 16 INFORMATION Often there is a lot of tailwind from behind so be careful with the club selection. A driver may not be suitable. Just left of the beautiful tree that decorates the fairway is where you … Read More

Hole 15

HOLE 15 HOLE 15 INFORMATION The Pineapple Valley Golf Club Hua Hin’s signature hole. You will need to take a deep breath here as the elevated views from all the tee boxes are spectacular with ocean views to your left, … Read More

Hole 14

HOLE 14 HOLE 14 INFORMATION A very picturesque hole as from the tee can you see the stream and the waterfall that divides the fairway in to two parts. This hole tends to have quite a lot of head wind … Read More

Hole 13

HOLE 13 HOLE 13 INFORMATION Dog leg right, keep to the left side of the fairway, otherwise the ball tends to roll to the right. After the tee off there is not much club left, everything is downhill. The short … Read More

Hole 12

HOLE 12 HOLE 12 INFORMATION Longest hole on the golf course with a slight dog leg left but can reach the green in two shots if the wind is behind you. This hole is wide and quite generous but need … Read More

Hole 11

HOLE 11 HOLE 11 INFORMATION A slight slope downwards all the way towards the green. The fairway leans a little from left to right. It would take a well-seasoned golf professional to be on the green in two here as … Read More

Hole 10

HOLE 10 HOLE 10 INFORMATION Rated as the second hardest hole on the golf course, but to many golfers perhaps the most difficult! You really need to concentrate with your tee shot here. Aim to the middle of the fairway … Read More

Hole 9

HOLE 9 HOLE 9 INFORMATION Once again you are standing high up looking over this magnificent golf course, the feeling is magic, and you feel that the course must have been here for a long time. To bring back the … Read More